Database programming with Perl - how to contribute

The dbi-users Mailing List

The dbi-users mailing list is the heart of the DBI user community. There are typically over two thousand users subscribed, ranging from novices to experienced users and driver developers. Messages are on-topic and the list is widely regarded as being of very high quality. It's a great way to learn about the DBI and, as you learn from the list and your own experience, you can help others along their path.

Changes and Enhancements

If you'd like the DBI to do something new, or different, a good way to make that happen is to do it yourself and send me a patch (a pull request or diff) to the source code that shows the changes. Information about how to do that can be found here, (including an important note about talking to me first to avoid duplicated or wasted effort).

Sponsoring a DBI Enhancement

If your company would benefit from a specific new DBI feature or change, please consider sponsoring its development through my consulting company. The addition of the swap_inner_handle() method, for example, was sponsored by Work is performed rapidly, and usually on a fixed-price payment-on-delivery basis. Contact me for details.

Using such targeted financing allows you to contribute to DBI development, and rapidly get something specific and valuable in return.

Thank you.

Purchase a Support Agreement

My company also offers annual and multi-annual support contracts for the DBI. These provide longer-term sustained support for DBI development, and long-term security and value for you in return.

Contact me for details.